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Strategic Renaissance book by Evan M Dudik Do you have unshakeable confidence in your company's strategy?
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Free Strategy Quiz
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Strategy's Most Dangerous Dogma --
and What to Do
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Business strategy links
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  • Are you astonished when Harvard Business School’s Michael Porter says that today’s talk of change in business is “exaggerated—industries don’t change structure that fast” (June 2, 2001) ?
  • Do you find Tom Peters’ advice in “Thriving on Chaos” to be amusing—but pretty useless when it comes to developing a practical business plan? (Ever try taking chaos to the bank?)
  • Do you find it strange that Gary Hamel never mentions his 180-degree off-course predictions of the late 1980s? For example, that Komatsu was sure to wipe Caterpillar off the map? Caterpillar is now almost twice the size of rival Komatsu.
  • Do you worry when Clayton Christensen’s appealing distinction between “disruptive” and “non-disruptive” technologies doesn’t seem to hold water for some of the world’s most successful companies—like Microsoft?

Perhaps it’s time for a brand new approach to business planning and strategy. Perhaps its time for a Strategic Renaissance.

Strategic Renaissance is a refreshing approach to thinking how to make your business, your division, your department more competitive and more profitable match your strategic needs.

First, Strategic Renaissance protects you, your company and your career by uncovering the fundamental logical errors that underlie every management fad. Once you see the mistakes management theorists make over and over, you can use this knowledge to take what’s best in management thinking and discard the rest.

Second, Strategic Renaissance provides practical tools for creating, testing and implementing great corporate strategies. It uses time-tested concepts from science and history to help you fashion a robust strategy that will stand the searching examination it will get from boards, senior executives, shareholders and analysts.

Strategic Renaissance reveals how identify the Hammer and Pivot of your new strategy.. How test strategic ideas to gain heartfelt consensus (and avoid strategic plan dust-gathering). How to identify corporate reserves and mobilize them for strategic breakthroughs. How to make more successful R&D, product development and new product introduction choices. Strategic Renaissance provides brand new guidelines on who to hire to meet strategic goals. And who the first person is you should fire.

“Your concept of Pivot and Hammer is just what we needed to put together a strategy for my company. Now we know exactly what we are going to do.”
    - Tony Adams, Founder and CEO,
    - Portland Brewing Company

Finally, Strategic Renaissance illustrates its powerful concepts with real-world stories of successful companies, dazzling generalship and brilliant science.

“A hurricane of examples and ideas. I could not put the book down.”
    - Vladimir Merson, Managing Director,
    - Deutsche Bank, Moscow

Strategic Renaissance: New Thinking and Innovative Tools to Create Great Corporate Strategies….Using Insights from History and Science is published by AMACOM, book publishing division of the American Management Association, one of the world’s most respected management publishers.

Purchase Strategic Renaissance by Evan M. Dudik for your business library at your favorite bookstore or at, or

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For new thinking about business strategy, enjoy Strategic Renaissance!


258 pages; 11 Chapters; Illustrated
Published by AMACOM,
Book Division of the American Management Association
ISBN: 0-8144-0551-7
List Price: $27.95
Available at fine bookstores everywhere, on-line and at
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