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Take the Business Strategy Quiz
1. Answer each question by clicking the appropriate radio button.
2. Click on "SUBMIT" to see where your company stands on the strategic playing field.
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I. How competition-oriented is your company?
a. Our company would rather lose money on a sale than lose a customer to a competitor.
b. Our company is most often first-to-market in its industry.
c. We prefer to hire people who have competed in college sports than people with Ph.D.s
d. Our executives are measured more on sales/market share goals than profit goals.
e. Our company seeks out every opportunity to bend industry standards and regulation our way.
II. How customer-oriented is your company?
a. At our company, the customer is always right, even when he/she is wrong.
b. People we say we are very flexible and accomodating.
c. We'd rather spend money on better customer service than developing a leading edge product.
d. Personality counts as much as competence in our hiring decisions.
e. In new markets, we focus on being the best more than on being first.