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Interesting Business Strategy Links If You Are Hungry For More Ideas! Strategic questions often arise in the context of launching or re-launching a product. NDP offers bite-sized insights on quickly developing new products in fulfillment of Strategic Renaissance’s “probing with pinpricks” ideal.
Foremost site and e-magazine for strategy and competitive professionals. Great content and links to other resources. MIT’s Sloan Management Review Article Index. A good compendium of articles. Be wary of wandering between strategic clichés and the overly academic. Forbes editor John Rutledge’s archive of business strategy case studies. Look for a situation like yours—then don’t imitate the other guy’s solution Delphi’s registration-requiring business strategy forum. Two heads are always better than one, says Grandma, even if one is a cabbage (or on line!) Basic strategy Powerpoint slides based on Thompson & Strickland, Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases (9th edition). Follow this outline carefully to create an excellent me-too strategy without any creative insight (but it will let you know how your competition is thinking!) Might as well go to Harvard Business School site and check out the extensive Harvard Business Review articles and faculty research publications. Q&A about Prof. Michael Porter’s famous industry/competition model that has served consultants and strategic planners so well for 20 years. Gotta know it—if only so you know what the others are thinking. A comprehensive resource for online strategic planning including a nice booklist. Focus on Internet strategic planning. Important article for CFOs on integrating budgeting and financial planning. Doesn’t go as far as Strategic Renaissance’s call for totally revamping finance to serve strategy.
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