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Strategy's Most Dangerous Dogma--and What to Do about It
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The Lost Chapter:
Strategy and The Corporate Citizen
Business Strategy’s Most Dangerous Dogma—and What to Do About It
“Business Strategy’s Most Dangerous Dogma—and What to Do About It”
View on-line or download free this is a fast-moving 26-slide presentation to the First Annual Competia Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Seminar delivered June 12, 2001 in Quebec, Canada.

This highly graphic presentation identifies one of the biggest errors corporate executives and their strategists make and show how to turn this tempting error into a competitive advantage. You’ll never use strategy consultants, market researchers or business planners the same way again.

Click here to download a Zip file compressed version of “Dangerous Dogma” to your computer. This version includes complete text notes. Feel free to share with your friends and colleagues.
Coming Soon! Click here to view on-line a streaming text version with complete notes of “Dangerous Dogma.”
Coming Soon! Click here to view on-line a streaming audio-video version of “Dangerous Dogma” with Evan Dudik’s voice commentary. For this version, you must be using RealPlayer as your default multimedia player. [Click here to download RealPlayer’s free Basic Version]
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